He introduces himself:

    I was born in Ankara in 1940. My deceased father was a judge.Thus, I spent my childhood in South-Eastern Anatolia. I went to primary school in siverek first, and finished it in Maraş and Ankara.
    Then I started to secondary school in Kızılcahamam and completed the high school in Maraş.
    Infact, I am from Maraş. Our ancestors had migrated from Caucasus for about 300 years ago and settled in Maraş. They had been three brothers. One of them was called Zarif. Our family originated from that Caucasian Zarif. I think, that's why I love Caucasia very much.
    My concern to literature started in high school years by writing poems and compositions.
    The master narrator Rasim Özdenören, the poet Erdem Bayazıt, Alaaddin Özdenören and me were sharing the same desks at school.
    After the high school, I studied German Language and Literature at the University of Istanbul, The faculty of Literature.
    When I was a student, I had to work. I worked as a page secretary in different newspaper. Because of that, I wasn't able to complete my education properly.
    During all that time, my interest of being a poet and authorship was the only thing that is unchangeable and stabilized.
    I am too fastidious on one hand but very untidy on the other one.
    In appearence, I am being in an untidiness, but in my mind everything is in a harmony and disciplined.This is astonishing even for me.
    You can see how that table is untidy. Drawers are also same.But ask me one thing,I will certainly find it easily and immediately even if my eyes are closed. My life also seems as untidy  as all those things. I feel myself asfragmanted in a hurry. Howewer I am able to live in a clock order.
    I do even not know when the poem comes out. Such as an officer. My way of life needs that.
    My poems were published in Diriliş, the art and culture magazine by Sezai Karakoç. We learnt a lot from his writings and talks. He was our teacher in any case. Our relation with him made us mature and experienced, Afterwards, I wrote in a literature magazine by Nuri Pakdil and his friends.
    By 1976, Erdem Beyazıt, Rasim Özdenören, Akif İnan, Nazif Gürdoğan and me were the founders of a new magazine called "Mavera" From then on; my poems, some stories, screenplays, diaries, and conversations that called "With My Readers" were published in Mavera.


  His Books:

İşaret Çocukları
Yedi Güzel Adam
Korku ve Yakarış

Yürekdede ile Padişah
Küçük Şehzade
Motorlu Kuş
Kuşların Dili
Savaş Ritimleri
Bir Değirmendir Bu Dünya
Zengin Hayaller Peşinde
Sütçü İmam