O F    L O V E
I’ve seen such banquets where
Muscles of man offered on the plates

Loneliness before those oblique bodies
Was smashing everything far from each other
A woman
A man

Breathing mysteriously, a man
Showing as the failure of the hunt
To his hunting peer and hiding
Between the rushes in the reedy
By separating and fetching
The warm and viscous whispers
Was wrapping them around his body like a rope

While he could resemble everything
While nothing resembled him

That famed trump
If starts blowing
From the base of our hair - identity
Of a ferocious animal collars us

Is he a man, lying
In a bunch of sun on the lagoon,
And in that violet ray
Like a dead dog

Or is that the shadow of a wild duck
Sliding hastily 
Translated from the Turkish by sukru kaya