Where is over there, 
here is a man
«» «» «» «» «» «»
The stones snatch the fear
when the darkness pulls down the curtain
the eye closes the room in blues
the hand sleeps, and the fish in the aquarium
like a picture of a river
There was such a flower
the alley in the dream grows grows
grows grows grows
one who smashes the space in a night
and holds a hand
reclining the head to the wall allover
whose noise is as gross as the woods
the child paving a way for the sun and wrestling
a lighthouse which is late
with all its arrivals
Begs the hour hastily
The blood-carrying vein accrues the dawn
My name compells the most feared truth
that is called by the door
the one entered with heads down
There was such a flower
whose capillary roots
were of the era's walls of jolt
it is a man here
of the diameter of a love
kind of detained in jail
when the streaming water awakes, man
is an ant who wants to cross the water
stamping on his hands of the flames of a stone
when the man escapes
he does not leave his possessions in the sleep
Translated from the Turkish by Sukru Kaya